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3D Generalists to Tar Valley and Skellefteå

Tar Valley is growing and we call for new talents to join the Valley! We are searching for 3D generalists to join our team of passionate artistic and professional creators.

You will work in a core role in varied projects and throughout their different development phases. Your work will be in collaboration with other 3D artists, developers, clients and once in a while end-users.

Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Creating stunning 3D graphics, from high-end movies to mobile game art
  • Participate in client meetings and involvement in pitching projects
  • 3D-modeling, texturing, rigging, UV-mapping
  • Bonus: Character Animations skills
  • Ability to work full-time (40 hours) - overtime compensated with compensatory time
  • Maintain over 90 % office presence

Requirements and Skills


Ability to relocate to Skellefteå, Sweden, if not already there. Here you can see the lovely lakes. The wonderful telephone system. And many interesting furry animals. Including the majestic moose!


  • BsC. degree in 3D Graphics or equivalent is a plus.


  • Professional fluency in Autodesk Maya or Autodesk 3DS Max.
  • ZBrush
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Substance texturing tools
  • Bonus: Professional fluency in Blender
  • Bonus: Basic programming skills in Python/C#
  • Bonus: Agile work methods
  • Bonus: Character animation


  • 3 years or more of working with equivalent 3D tasks


  • Great team player and work ethic
  • Problem-solving and ability to work interdependently
  • Continuous learner - a strive to be in your stretch zone and develop your skills
  • A strive to contribute to something bigger than yourself

Why Tar Valley?

At Tar Valley we offer a different experience than your average urban city 3D-studio. We offer a different experience of time, culture of tech and games as well as the appreciation of our wonderful natural surroundings in West Bothnia in northern Sweden. So, why not join us at Tar Valley in Skellefteå? Take the possibility to experience the northern climate, see an occasional reindeer or moose. Or just have a fantastic 3D-experience in natural northern reality.


Is it you we are looking for? Please send your CV, Personal Letter and Portfolio. Bonus: Showreel To with the Subject line “3D Generalist”


August 1st 2018

Got questions and need clarification? Get in touch with us at:


+46 70 689 77 58

About Tar Valley

We are a company of creative and passionate people who have gathered in the Tar Valley. In the Tar Valley we work to create impact on people through innovative 3D creations. We support people and organizations by supplying them with creations which provide meaning and value.

At Tar Valley we produce, transform and purify digital value for society, organizations and people. We aid and support clients and their users to make use of the digital visuals, graphics and effects we create. The creations which come out of the Tar Valley can take the form om services, products and experiences and we always aim to make an impact on people, organizations and society as a whole. Tar Valley consists of people, which throughout our processes work with the people, for the people. Our point of entry is to always start with the person and related systems, to ensure that what we produce is comprehensible and valuable, almost seen as magic but in the end a solid work of passionate labor.

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